Chapter 3. Creating sites using site and list templates

This chapter covers

  • Core list and library templates
  • Web parts
  • Site templates and their association with the SharePoint editions

We’ll now discuss core components of SharePoint that you can leverage with minimal configuration.

It’s good to understand what components are provided out of the box. Once you have a solid understanding of that, you can begin to build your own if one of these doesn’t meet your needs. In the scenarios where you build out custom sites, you typically start from a blank site template or a publishing site template. If you find that what you’d like to implement is similar to one of the out-of-the-box templates, you could always leverage one of these site templates, customize it, and save it as a custom site template based on your modifications. Before we get into site templates, let’s discuss some of the core components that make up a site: lists.

3.1. Building templates with the different SharePoint editions

3.2. Core list and library templates

3.3. Learning about the site templates

3.4. Summary