Chapter 1. Introducing SharePoint 2010 Web Parts

This chapter covers

  • Defining a Web Part
  • Using Web Parts
  • Knowing the difference between ASP.NET and SharePoint Web Parts

Web Parts are an essential part of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and one of the first technologies that a new SharePoint developer starts using. You can describe a Web Part as a self-contained application that’s used in a SharePoint site. SharePoint comes with a wide range of out-of-the-box Web Parts and you can download more from You can even buy additional Web Parts from third-party vendors or download the source code for some Web Parts from open-source sites such as CodePlex.

Users, developers, IT professionals, and administrators have embraced the SharePoint platform. SharePoint is one of Microsoft’s most important products; it’s their fastest-growing server product. SharePoint is making an impact on all types of organizations, from small businesses to large Fortune 500 companies.

1.1. What is a Web Part?

1.2. Why use Web Parts?

1.3. Introducing the Web Part infrastructure

1.4. Types of Web Parts

1.5. Hello World example

1.6. SharePoint 2010 pages

1.7. Summary