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The goal of this book is to take you, the developer who’s at least a little familiar with C# and .NET, and help you become an awesome Silverlight developer. If you’re already an awesome Silverlight developer, I’ve included deep topics to help you learn more about the platform and how things work under the covers.

After you’ve read this book, you should be able to confidently design, develop, and deliver Silverlight applications that meet your application requirements. To facilitate the learning process, I’ve structured the book to get you developing as soon as possible, while providing quality, in-depth content.

Within each chapter, I’ve included a collection of devices to help you build a firm understanding of Silverlight. The following list explains how each device helps along the journey:

  • Figures —Visual depictions that summarize data and help with the connection of complex concepts. Silverlight is highly visual.
  • Code snippets —Small, concise pieces of code primarily used for showing syntactical formats. You’re usually not expected to type these in and compile, because they’re incomplete.
  • Code listings —Code that you can type into your project in Visual Studio. In many cases, it will take multiple code listings to build a working example.
  • Tables —Easy-to-read summaries.

In addition to these learning devices, my site hosts some image assets and contains links to the code samples used in this book.


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