Chapter 1. Our first single page application

This chapter covers

  • Defining single page web applications
  • Comparing the most popular single page application platforms—Java, Flash, and Javascript
  • Writing our first JavaScript single page application
  • Inspecting the application using Chrome Developer Tools
  • Exploring the user benefits of single page applications

This book is intended for web developers, architects, and product managers with at least a smattering of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS experience. If you’ve never even dabbled in web development, this book is not for you, although you’re welcome to buy it anyway (go ahead, daddy needs a new car). Many books are available that do a great job teaching beginner website development and design, but this isn’t one of them.

This book does aspire to be a great guide to designing and building large-scale single page web applications [SPAs] using JavaScript end to end. In fact, as figure 1.1 depicts, we use JavaScript as the language of the database, the web server, and the browser application.

Figure 1.1. JavaScript end-to-end

We’ve spent the last six years leading the development of numerous large-scale commercial and enterprise SPAs. During that time we’ve constantly updated our practices to meet the challenges we’ve found. We share these practices in this book as they have helped us develop faster, provide a better user experience, ensure quality, and improve team communication.

1.1. Definition, a little history, and some focus

1.2. Build our first SPA

1.3. The user benefits of a well-written SPA

1.4. Summary