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Service-oriented architecture has been around for years now. The hype surrounding it in the past has finally waned, and we are now free to do real work and build real systems using it.

Do not mistake the lack of hype for a lack of relevance. If anything, SOA is more relevant than ever, as it’s practically the only good way to build cloud-based solutions (something I’ll discuss in chapter 10). Additionally, the SOA landscape has become more complicated over the years because SOA is now living side-by-side (or is integrated) with other architectures like event-driven architecture, REST, and big data (discussed in chapters 5 and 10).

SOA-related technologies are more mature now, but technology alone is not enough without proper architecture. That’s the main point behind this book: solving the architectural challenges of distributed systems in general and of SOA specifically by using architectural solutions expressed as patterns and antipatterns.


Part 1 of this book focuses on SOA patterns. It looks at ways to solve SOA challenges by using contextual solutions:

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