Software Telemetry MEAP V02 cover


Thank you for purchasing the MEAP for Software Telemetry.

This book is about the systems that handle the feedback we need from our production systems so we know production is doing what it should (and if production isn’t, why it did the wrong thing it did). From Syslog on 3BSD in 1980 to OpenTelemetry in 2020, people who run production systems are always looking for better ways to understand what’s happening inside the engine we built. For those of you who are working on infrastructures old enough to be measured in decades, you probably have many different styles of telemetry in there somewhere; this book is about operating all of that, from Syslog to stuff that hasn’t been invented yet.

To get the most from this book, you should understand the use of conditional logic, built queries in user-interfaces or using simple SQL, and have handled logging data of some kind. This logging data can be debugging your own programs or making sure the logging coming out of the systems you manage can be viewed by the right people. Readers from software engineers to system engineers should be able to get a lot from this book.