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Spring Boot aims to simplify Spring development. As such, Spring Boot’s reach stretches to touch everything that Spring touches. It’d be impossible to write a book that covers every single way that Spring Boot can be used, as doing so would involve covering every single technology that Spring itself supports. Instead, Spring Boot in Action aims to distill Spring Boot into four main topics: auto-configuration, starter dependencies, the command-line interface, and the Actuator. Along the way, we’ll touch on a few Spring features as necessary, but the focus will be primarily on Spring Boot.

Spring Boot in Action is for all Java developers. Although some background in Spring could be considered a prerequisite, Spring Boot has a way of making Spring more approachable even to those new to Spring. Nevertheless, because this book will be focused on Spring Boot and will not dive deeply into Spring itself, you may find it helpful to pair it with other Spring materials such as Spring in Action, Fourth Edition (Manning, 2014).


Spring Boot in Action is divided into seven chapters:

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