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Spring Boot is the most popular Java-based web framework of the present time and there are tons of Spring Boot applications running in production. It is relatively easy to start with Spring Boot as one of the primary objectives of the framework is to provide a fast getting-started experience to the developers. However, it can sometimes be difficult to grasp what is going on behind the scenes as Spring Boot does a considerable amount of work under the hood. This book intends to provide an insight into the various underlying Spring Boot concepts that can solidify your understanding of the framework. Besides, this book also discusses numerous practical techniques that a developer can implement in their Spring Boot application. By the end of this book, you should understand:

  • A thorough understanding of Spring Boot framework, auto-configuration, and actuator
  • Several useful techniques that developers should be familiar with such as logging, user data validation, and configuration management
  • Develop microservices with Spring Boot and various ways to communicate to the database in a Spring Boot application
  • Several techniques to implement security in Spring Boot applications
  • Develop reactive Spring Boot application and deploying Spring Boot applications to cloud platforms
  • Using Spring Boot with Kotlin, and GraalVM