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Spring Dynamic Modules is a technology that bridges the gap between the Spring Framework and OSGi, combining the simplicity and power of Spring with the modularity, flexibility, and dynamism of OSGi. Spring hardly needs any introduction, being the framework of choice for a significant segment of the Enterprise Java development market. OSGi, in contrast, although not a new technology is one that is just becoming mainstream, helped in no small part by Spring DM.

Spring Dynamic Modules in Action is a cookbook for using Spring DM, but it also serves as a primer for both of the technologies that Spring DM combines. Deciding what we thought you should know, what we thought you might not know but which was essential to further understanding, and what you didn’t know (you are reading this book, after all!) proved quite tricky. In the end, we decided to cover the basics of Spring, because some readers will be OSGi users wanting to understand Spring DM, and we decided to provide a little more detail on OSGi, because many more readers will be Spring users wanting to understand Spring DM. If you are comfortable with either or both of these technologies, you can safely skip over the first couple of chapters.

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