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Spring in Practice is a practice-oriented book. The first three chapters are background, but are still quite substantial, and we expect most readers will find some new information in them. Chapter 2 and the final 11 chapters use a cookbook format to tackle a given problem with incremental recipe-by-recipe, or technique-by-technique, solutions. There are 66 techniques covered in this book.


As noted, chapters 1 through 3 provide background material that we use throughout the rest of the book:

  • Chapter 1 explains the Spring inversion of control lightweight container.
  • Chapter 2 shows how to work with data access, ORM, and transactions. Although we pursue the more traditional approach of implementing a generic DAO, we also show how to take advantage of Spring Data JPA’s powerful capabilities.
  • Chapter 3 presents an overview of Spring Web MVC, a rich framework for implementing web applications. Chapter 3 also presents Spring Mobile, which extends Spring Web MVC to provide support for mobile application development. Although Spring Mobile doesn’t count as background material, it fit fairly naturally with chapter 3, so we went with it.

Chapters 4 and 5 present two different approaches to implementing registration forms; the material is easy to generalize to other problem domains:

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