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About this Book


Spring Microservices in Action was written for the practicing Java/Spring developer who needs hands-on advice and examples of how to build and operationalize microservice-based applications. When I wrote this book, I wanted it to be based around core microservice patterns that aligned with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud examples that demonstrated the patterns in action. As such, you’ll find specific microservice design patterns discussed in almost every chapter, along with examples of the patterns implemented using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud.

You should read this book if

  • You’re a Java developer who has experience building distributed applications (1-3 years).
  • You have a background in Spring (1+ years).
  • You’re interested in learning how to build microservice-based applications.
  • You’re interested in how you can use microservices for building cloud-based applications.
  • You want to know if Java and Spring are relevant technologies for building microservice-based applications.
  • You’re interested in seeing what goes into deploying a microservice-based application to the cloud.

How this book is organized

Spring Microservices in Action consists of 10 chapters and two appendixes:

About the code

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