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About this Book


This book captures a wealth of experience that can be used along with code snippets to immediately improve the performance of your databases. SQL Server is finding its way into an increasing number of businesses. Although most servers are conspicuous, some appear almost hidden, for example, SharePoint servers and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) servers. In addition, increasing amounts of data are getting stored within SQL Server. Both of these trends have a bearing on the performance of your SQL Server databases and queries. You can use the advice and code snippets given in this book to fight back and reclaim your high-performing SQL Server.

Who should read this book?

If you want to improve the performance of your SQL Server databases and the queries that run on them, you should buy this book.

Anyone who wants to ensure their SQL Server databases are running as efficiently as possible will find this book very useful. The following groups of people in particular will find this book valuable: database administrators (DBAs), developers working with SQL Server, and administrators of SharePoint servers, CRM systems, and similar servers.


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