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About this Book


In this book, the world’s leading practitioners of SQL Server present a collection of articles on techniques and best practices for SQL Server development and administration based on many years of combined experience. The 53 MVPs who contributed to the book each picked an area of special interest to them and shared their insights and practical know-how with you. The topics covered will appeal to a broad range of readers with varied levels of SQL Server experience, from beginner to advanced.

How the book is organized

This book has 59 chapters divided into five parts that correspond to the five job roles around SQL Server:

  • Part 1 Database architecture and design
  • Part 2 Database development
  • Part 3 Database administration
  • Part 4 Performance tuning and optimization
  • Part 5 Business intelligence

There is no rigid construction to the book, no list of SQL Server features that needed to be covered. The contributors to the book submitted abstracts on their topics of expertise and these were added to the appropriate sections. The parts editors reviewed the abstracts and chose the ones that best fit into their grouping of chapters.

Source code

All source code in listings or in text is in a fixed-width font like this to separate it from ordinary text. Code annotations accompany some of the listings, highlighting important concepts. In some cases, numbered bullets link to explanations that follow the listings.

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