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With big data applications becoming more and more popular, tools for handling streams of data in real time are becoming more important. Apache Storm is a tool that can be used for processing unbounded streams of data.

Storm Applied isn’t necessarily a book for beginners only or for experts only. Although understanding big data technologies and distributed systems certainly helps, we don’t necessarily see these as requirements for readers of this book. We try to cater to both the novice and expert. The initial goal was to present some “best practices” for dealing with Storm in a production environment. But in order to truly understand how to deal with Storm in production, a solid understanding of the fundamentals is necessary. So this book contains material we feel is valuable for engineers with all levels of experience.

If you are new to Storm, we suggest starting with chapter 1 and reading through chapter 4 before you do anything else. These chapters lay the foundation for understanding the concepts in the chapters that follow. If you are experienced with Storm, we hope the content in the later chapters proves useful. After all, developing solutions with Storm is only the start. Maintaining these solutions in a production environment is where we spend a good percentage of our time with Storm.


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