Street Coder MEAP V05 cover
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This book is for beginner and medium-level programmers. Whichever learning path that you took, be it a university degree, an online course, a bootcamp, or your own self-teaching adventure, this book will stitch together some gaps that you might have between what you’ve learned and what you’ll experience in the world of professional software development: the streets.

A professional career in software development is demanding and competitive. With this book, you’ll understand how working extra for better quality code can save you time in total and let you create great products faster.

Rather than being a comprehensive guide about each and every programming topic, the book tries to bring back some forgotten or forsaken wisdom to the surface and bury some of the well-known best practices too. The ultimate goal is to cause a perspective change in you about programming wisdom. Yes, you will learn some practical tips and tricks, but more importantly, you will learn how to approach the next trick you’ll read in a blog post, or your team lead who is insisting on using it.

To get the most out of this book, it’s good to have basic programming skills with C#, understand basic concepts of object-oriented programming. If you already have some tricks in your hat, that’s also good, because this book might destroy some of them too.