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Welcome to Struts 2! If you’ve picked up this book, we suspect you’re a Java developer working with web applications who’s somehow or other heard about Struts 2. Perhaps you’ve worked with the Struts 1 framework in the past, perhaps you’ve worked with another framework, or perhaps this is your first step into Java web application development. Whichever path has led you here, you’re probably looking for a good introduction to the new Struts 2 framework. This book intends to give you that introduction and much more. If you’ve never heard of Struts 2, we cover the basics in enough depth to keep you in tow. If you know what Struts 2 does, but want a deeper understanding of how it does it, we’ll provide that too.

Struts 2 is a Java web application framework. As you know, the Java world is vast and a Struts 2 application may travel far and wide in this world of Java. With that said, one of the biggest challenges faced by a Struts 2 book arises from trying to determine what content to include. This book could have been three times as long if we’d taken all of the good advice we received about what to include. We apologize to those whose course of normal development takes them outside the boundaries of our content. Please believe us when we say that we agonized over what to include and what not to include.


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