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Artificial intelligence (AI) is much in the news these days. For all the great possibilities that AI brings to the table, not all current AI projects are doing well, and a non-trivial percentage of the AI projects that are in progress won’t deliver the business results you are hoping for. Why? Because a technical knowledge of AI algorithms isn’t enough to get business results using AI.

If the industry is to benefit from AI, data science, and machine learning, then the best practices of applying them to business problems need to be explored. This book addresses how to manage AI projects so they succeed.

This book’s readers are leading AI projects, are focused on delivering business results, and view technology as a vehicle to deliver those results. Such a reader needs the following qualification:

·   You have been part of the leadership team of a successful software project.

·   You understand the basics of the business your organization is in, on a level commensurate with the position you are occupying in the hierarchy of your organization.

·   Whatever software development methodology you’re using, you understand how your organization manages software development.

·   You have experience with using business metrics to score the success of a business initiative.

·   If you have a business background, you are willing to learn basic engineering concepts.



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