Chapter 2. How to use AI in your business

This chapter covers

  • What project leaders must know about AI
  • Finding which business problems benefit from the use of AI
  • Matching AI capabilities with the business problems you’re solving
  • Finding the gap between the skills the data science team has and the ones your AI project needs

You can spend years learning about AI, but because of the fast evolution of this field, even fully proficient data scientists need to spend a significant portion of their time on continuous and ongoing learning. The market of AI books and papers is dominated by technical information about AI. With all that wealth of knowledge, it’s difficult to distinguish between what you need to know to manage AI and the knowledge necessary to have if you’re an engineer building an AI system.

This chapter talks about aspects of AI and ML that are necessary to understand to lead an AI project. It also teaches you how to find business problems that benefit from the application of AI. It provides examples of how to make AI insights actionable by linking AI capabilities with the business actions you already know you can take.

2.1. What do you need to know about AI?

2.2. How is AI used?

2.3. What’s new with AI?

2.4. Making money with AI

2.5. Finding domain actions

2.6. Overview of AI capabilities

2.7. Introducing unicorns

2.8. Exercises