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I have been a professional software developer for 37 years and a web developer for around 10 years. My projects have used many technologies and frameworks, including raw DOM manipulation, jQuery, Ruby, Angular 1, React, Polymer, Angular 2+, Vue, Svelte, and probably some I have forgotten.

I place a high value on developer productivity. Unnecessary complexity really works against this. While I find many things to love about Svelte and Sapper, the main driver for me is their simplicity compared to other web development approaches. I know from my experience of using other frameworks that I am far more productive when using Svelte and Sapper.

My first exposure to Svelte came from watching a talk titled “Rethinking Reactivity” by the creator of Svelte, Rich Harris. It is a very compelling talk and definitely appealed to my desire to reduce the complexity of web development. That led me to dig in further, write a long article about Svelte, give talks at user groups, and expand to giving talks at conferences. The next logical step was to write this book!

The book covers nearly every topic related to Svelte and Sapper, and some that are only tangentially related. After reading this, you should be well-poised to use these tools in your next web development project.


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