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Thank you for purchasing the MEAP for Svelte and Sapper in Action. Svelte provides significant benefits over other web frameworks. Sapper builds on Svelte to add even more.

I have been around the block with writing web applications. This includes writing apps that directly modify the DOM, using jQuery, AngularJS, Polymer, React, Angular, Vue, and now Svelte. Svelte stands out in the way it makes so many aspects of web development easier and more efficient.

To get the most from this book you’ll want to be comfortable with basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Code examples use many of the newer features of JavaScript including enhanced arrow functions, object literals, destructuring, the spread operator, promises, exports, and imports.

You will get started quickly with learning Svelte because it provides a web-based REPL (read-evaluate-print-loop) tool. This enables writing small to medium-sized Svelte apps without downloading or installing anything. Then you will learn to create apps where you manage all the source code, starting from a well-designed application template.

Each concept of Svelte and Sapper is introduced with small examples that are easy to grasp. Each chapter ends by adding features to a larger app, the Travel Packing app, that will be complete by the end of the book.