1 The amazing world of TensorFlow


This chapter covers

  • What TensorFlow is
  • Hardware in machine learning: GPUs and CPUs
  • When and when not to use TensorFlow
  • What this book teaches
  • Who this book is for
  • Why we should care about TensorFlow

1.1 What is TensorFlow?

1.1.1 An overview of popular components of TensorFlow

1.1.2 Building and deploying a machine learning model

1.2 GPU vs. CPU

1.3 When and when not to use TensorFlow

1.3.1 When to use TensorFlow

1.3.2 When not to use TensorFlow

1.4 What will this book teach you?

1.4.1 TensorFlow fundamentals

1.4.2 Deep learning algorithms

1.4.3 Monitoring and optimization

1.5 Who is this book for?

1.6 Should we really care about Python and TensorFlow 2?