Terraform in Action MEAP V04 cover


Dear Reader,

Thank you for purchasing this book. Personally, I love books and I think they are the best way to broach a new subject. Now that I’ve written one of my own, I can understand why this is the case: an incredible amount of time and effort from many different people went into handcrafting this experience for you. If you want to jumpstart your skills with Terraform and skip all the boring stuff, then this is the book for you.

When I started learning Terraform there were not many resources available. In many ways, it was the Wild West of Terraform. My path to learning was long and tortuous, and so by writing this book, I hope to save you from going what I went through. This is a culmination of all by learnings and musings about Terraform over the years. I poured a lot of myself into this book and didn’t hold anything back. If you can finish reading this then I promise you will know all that I know – you too can become a Terraform guru. My teaching style doesn’t involve memorization or rote copy-paste, because I don’t believe in that. Instead, I will teach you how to think in Terraform and how to solve your own problems. The world is a big place and the potential use cases of Terraform are far too many for this to merely be a cookbook.