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Test-driven development was born in the hands and minds of software developers looking for a way to develop software better and faster. This book was written by one such software developer who wishes to make learning TDD easier. Because most of the problems encountered by developers new to TDD relate to overcoming technical hindrances, we’ve taken an extremely hands-on approach. Not only do we explain TDD through an extended hands-on example, but we also devote several chapters to showing you how to write unit tests for technology that’s generally considered difficult to test. First-hand experiences will be the biggest learning opportunities you’ll encounter, but this book can act as the catalyst that gets you past the steepest learning curve.


This book is aimed at Java programmers of all experience levels who are looking to improve their productivity and the quality of the code they develop. Test-driven development lets you unleash your potential by offering a solid framework for building software reliably in small increments. Regardless of whether you’re creating a missile-control system or putting together the next YouTube, you can benefit from adopting TDD.


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