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Testing Angular Applications exists to help developers better understand one of the trickier parts of using the power of Google’s Angular framework: writing testable, reliable code. Angular departs wildly from the earlier AngularJS framework, introducing developers to a slew of new concepts not familiar from AngularJS or any other JavaScript framework. Writing unit tests and end-to-end tests requires a deeper knowledge of Angular than even the most heroic of tutorials can convey. Angular written for production should be backed by a set of reliable and useful tests, and with this book, we equip the reader with the knowledge to deliver those tests.

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Whether you’re an experienced developer contributing to an enterprise-scale Angular application or new to Angular and hoping to gain a deeper understanding of the framework, this book will help you understand the fundamentals of writing testable code. Angular is evolving at a rapid pace, faster than the official documentation can match. Supplemental material such as this book goes beyond the online documentation by providing step-by-step examples that explain not only the how but also the whys of unit testing in Angular. This book assumes a comfortable knowledge of JavaScript and some knowledge of TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript that adds a variety of new language features.

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