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Testing JavaScript Applications will help you write high-quality software in less time, with more confidence.

In the last five years, I have been deeply involved in the JavaScript testing scene. I am a core-maintainer of both Chai.js and Sinon.js, two of the most popular testing libraries in JavaScript, and I closely follow projects like Jest and Mocha. In this book, I expect to teach you what I've learned during those years in which I've been involved in vetting and implementing features, defining best-practices, and designing the libraries that thousands of people use every day.

While writing, I've thought mostly about Junior Developers. They are the ones who will benefit the most from this book's approach to tests, which covers both the "hows " and the "whys " of writing automated tests.

To get the most out of Testing JavaScript Applications, you must have a basic understanding of JavaScript. You should know how to use objects, functions, callbacks, and especially, Promises. Basic knowledge of CSS and HTML is also required for the chapters in which we'll test a front-end application.