The Joy of JavaScript MEAP V05 cover


Thank you for becoming an early adopter of The Joy of JavaScript, and welcome! To get the most out of this book, you’ll want to have a professional grasp of JavaScript either on the server or the client side, as well as an interest in learning new ways to write JavaScript.

We’re at the perfect point of inflexion for a book like Joy of JavaScript. The language is moving at a frantic pace, and this book allows you to jump ahead and begin to grasp the stream of new proposals and modern programming idioms that will equip you to tackle today’s challenges in the cleanest, most elegant way. So you can truly enjoy using it!

I began coding JavaScript many years ago, but really became passionate about it when I surfed the functional and reactive programming wave that began about four years ago. This opened up my eyes to a completely different perspective on the language that led me to devote most of my writing, in Manning books like Functional Programming in JavaScript and RxJS in Action, to how to use JavaScript in a functional way.