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Although Java is 25 years old, its design goals and history mean valuable new functionality continues to appear release after release. It’s vibrant, broadly supported, and a high performance basis for vast amounts of software in the wild. Recent changes to the release cycle mean if anything we’re seeing new functionality show up more often - not what you might expeect for language after a quarter of a century!

This book is written for Java developers looking to catch up on those latest techniques and additions. If you’re using Java 8 or earlier, you’ll see the exciting new capabilities in upgrading to Java 11, along with plenty of reasons to convince your team to upgrade. We’ll also peek at what the future holds for the Java platform in coming releases.

Being well-grounded also means knowing the fundamentals of your platform. If you’ve ever wanted to understand better what’s in a class file, how classloaders work, or what the key performance tuning options are, we’ve got you covered. We’ll dig deep on concurrency as well to see how to harness all those cores in your modern computer. One of the best ways to understand programming more deeply is to learn another language.