1 Becoming a Pythonista


This chapter covers

  • The difference between a programmer and a developer
  • Introducing the Python community
  • Selecting which Python version to use with this book

Being a developer is an unusual pursuit. Developers spend time creating something out of nothing, and even then, it’s hard to describe the things we’ve just created.

Ever tried explaining at a party what writing code is like? Even if you’re a good enough storyteller to keep people from wandering off immediately, it’s still challenging to reach the “aha” moment when someone might know what you’re talking about. And it’s not a failing on the listener’s part. It’s just objectively hard to describe being a developer.

1.1 Commitment to learning

1.2 Reaching goals

1.2.1 Thinking like a developer

1.2.2 Building applications

1.3 Using Python

1.3.1 Programming paradigms

1.3.2 Creating maintainable code

1.3.3 Performance

1.3.4 The language community

1.3.5 Developer tooling

1.4 Selecting which Python version to use

1.5 Closing thoughts