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Third-party JavaScript is independent client code executing on a publisher’s website, but served from a remote web address. It’s used in the creation of highly distributed web applications, from social widgets to analytics trackers to full-featured embedded applications.

This book serves as an introduction to third-party JavaScript application development. It teaches readers not only how to write JavaScript code that executes in third-party contexts, but also third-party web development techniques that involve HTML, CSS, and even HTTP. It is intended for developers who already have experience with these technologies in a first-party context (such as your own website) and who want to explore how these technologies can be executed in a foreign web environment (somebody else’s website).

This book does not include a primer on JavaScript programming language. Nor does it teach readers the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. The book does, however, include introductory material on dynamic script loading, cookies, HTTPS, and other intermediate and advanced web development topics as they are encountered in the text.


The book consists of ten chapters, as follows:

Chapter 1 is an introduction to Third-party JavaScript. It teaches readers what third-party JavaScript is, and also describes common real-world use-cases. It finishes with a quick sample third-party application, and highlights some of the difficulties of third-party web development.

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