Unified Logging with Fluentd MEAP V02 cover


Thank you for purchasing the MEAP for Unified Logging with Fluentd. To get the most benefit from this book, you’ll want to have some experience with server-side development, whether that is using .Net, Java, .Node doesn’t matter. With that develop its more than likely you’ve at least logged what you code is doing to the console, better still you’ve used one of the many logging frameworks.

The chances are you’ve already experienced a situation where a problem occurs occasionally and very randomly, debuggers aren’t any help here, trying to isolate the circumstances is very difficult. By the time you know of another occurrence of your problem, all the information from logs have rolled over, environment state is unlikely to have been captured. This is the kind of scenario where Fluentd can help.

Another scenario you’ve probably come up against, is the trying to understand a sequence of events across multiple services. The best way to understand this is to bring the logs together and look at them in time sequence. Then cause and effect can become a lot easier to understand. These are just two simple scenarios where Fluentd can help. With the arrival of technologies like Kubernetes and Serverless solutions these challenges will only grow.