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This is a cliché in today’s world – “Data is the new oil and electricity.” Businesses need to analyze patterns and trends of data, detect anomalies, reduce complexity of really high-dimensional datasets and then make sound decisions. There is an ever-growing need to draw meaningful insights which are sometimes quite difficult for us to comprehend. This book is an attempt to equip you with unsupervised learning techniques which will perform the complex modelling for you.

Throughout the book, we introduce an algorithm, examine mathematical and statistical foundation and study the various forms and types. This book is a step to bridge the gap between complex mathematical and statistical concepts and pragmatic real-world case studies. Real-world cases on retail, telecommunication, banking, manufacturing etc. are discussed at length to make the knowledge complete. Python implementation of the datasets completes the knowledge.

We are exploring clustering methods, dimensionality reduction methods and advanced concepts of machine learning. You will also work on text and images along with structured datasets.