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About this book


This book exists to help people create better mobile apps. When anyone can create an app, it takes more than just an app’s existence to make it stand out from the millions of others out there. There’s also a massive difference between a simple app and something that people appreciate, value, and repeatedly use to improve their lives. This book gives practical advice and guidance on how to take a mobile app, on any platform, and make it better.

Who should read this book

This book is for people who are creating mobile apps. The primary audience is developers, but there’s plenty of information for anyone involved in app creation: designers, testers, project managers, any other stakeholders, or a combination thereof. This book doesn’t teach how to write code or use a set of APIs or frameworks. Instead, this book teaches many other things you need to know to create a successful mobile app that the people using it will love and will enjoy using.

Much of what this book covers loosely falls under the broad topic of user experience (UX), but this isn’t a UX book. It won’t teach you to be a UX expert, and it isn’t for UX practitioners. This book is for people creating mobile apps, who have a desire to improve the apps they’ve already built or to build better ones in the future.

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