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This book covers graph visualization, which may sound like an incredibly niche subject but actually has broad applicability. Graphs are a helpful way of organizing data to better understand the relationships contained within that data, and visualization helps expose that organization visually. Combining the two allows people who aren’t data scientists to make more sense of and understand their data. In this world of big data, it can go a long way toward giving that data some value. In the book, I discuss both basic principles of graph visualization and how to implement those principles, by examining case studies and some implementations using code.

If you’re reading the printed version of this book, the figures will be in grayscale. I’ve checked to ensure that the images make sense in grayscale, but to see them in full color, take a look at the electronic version of this book, or download all the images from the book’s website here: www.manning.com/books/visualizing-graph-data.

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