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Web Components in Action isn’t about dictating what approaches developers should take. Instead of telling readers what to do, I take a more exploratory approach to cover the basics of Web Components. You should recognize that, while experts may tell you what a good workflow is today, the exciting thing about standards is that they can be built upon in ways nobody expects.

In Web Components in Action, I aim to arm you with great ideas and workflows to get started. I also hope to empower you with the knowledge to take Web Components further, in ways I haven’t considered yet and for types of projects I haven’t encountered.

Who should read this book

Web Components in Action is for web developers who are curious about Web Components and want to know more about the standards behind them and how they come together with other web technologies to create standalone components or applications.

It’s also for developers who want ideas about how to break free of complicated frameworks or libraries and get back to writing plain HTML/JS/CSS without needing any build steps.

How this book is organized: a roadmap

This book is in three parts covering 15 chapters and an appendix.

Part 1 covers the first steps in getting a simple component off the ground:

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