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About This Book


In this book, I teach you how to create beautiful web pages in no time flat. I understand that the very idea of trying to create something that looks as good as what you see on the web sounds like an intimidating challenge. However, it’s my goal in this book to show you that it’s quite straightforward and that anyone can build an attractive and sophisticated web page with his or her bare hands. I even try to have—gasp!—a little irreverent fun as I go along.

You’ll also be happy to know that this book doesn’t assume that you have any experience in web design, HTML, or CSS. You start from scratch and slowly build your knowledge until, before you know it, you have your very own tract of web real estate. All the information is presented in short, easy-to-digest chunks that you can skim to find the information you want. The online Web Design Playground (https://webdesignplayground.io) also offers instruction and exercises that you can work through to hone your knowledge.

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