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WebAssembly is an exciting new technology that allows code written in languages like C++, Rust and others to be compiled into WebAssembly modules and run on the web, side-by-side with JavaScript, at near native speeds. In addition, WebAssembly files are compact and load efficient allowing for quick downloads and initialization.

WebAssembly is exciting not only because of the performance improvements it can bring or even the code reuse opportunities. This technology is already supported in all modern desktop web browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Safari) as well as many mobile web browsers. In addition, the browser makers and the WebAssembly working groups are not standing still. They’ve been hard at work making improvements to the technology to speed up performance even further and bring additional features.

While a lot of information about WebAssembly can be found on the web, it’s not always easy to understand how to get started. In addition, being a technology that has advanced rapidly, some of the information that exists is no longer up to date. By the end of the book you should understand:

  • What WebAssembly is, the problems it solves, how it works, and the various ways that WebAssembly modules can be created using C or C++ and the Emscripten toolkit
  • The various ways that JavaScript code can communicate with WebAssembly and vice-versa
  • How multiple modules can talk to each other


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