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About this Book


The goal of this book is to help you learn to do the following:

  • Capture requirements and acceptance criteria as executable test cases
  • Master the Gherkin language as a practical, communicative way of writing software specifications
  • Collect valuable examples
  • Write easy-to-automate specifications
  • Design stable executable specification suites with good test coverage
  • Balance the specification style and documentation style in Gherkin scenarios
  • Manage specification suites in large projects

Who should read this book

For readers who came here with preexisting knowledge of both specification by example (SBE) and Gherkin: this is an intermediate-level book designed for anyone who’s tasked with writing or updating a specification in Gherkin or who’s responsible for implementing an SBE process using Gherkin in their organization. If those are issues you deal with on a daily basis, you’ll find answers here.

For readers who came here to learn from scratch: many tutorials on the web explain how to set up executable specifications and write testing code. But their authors don’t understand that, to anyone but software engineers and testers, automated testing is as vague a concept as any random UX method can be to an average programmer. Those tutorials have good intentions and want to bring everyone to the same table, but whose table is that?

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