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Xamarin in Action has been written to help you build production-quality mobile apps—five-star apps that are well architected, well tested, and deployed to the store with analytics and crash monitoring. This book covers the journey from idea to delivery, ensuring that you build your apps the right way. It doesn’t try to replicate information that’s easily available online in API docs; instead, it focuses on the concepts of a well-built cross-platform Xamarin app, bringing together all the information you need without bogging you down.

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Xamarin in Action is for developers who want to build cross-platform mobile apps using C#, either because it’s a language they know, or because they want to take advantage of the cross-platform capabilities of Xamarin. This book assumes a small amount of C# knowledge, but all C# developers from beginner to advanced will be able to use it to learn how to build mobile apps. Even if you’re an experienced native iOS or Android app developer using Objective-C or Java, this book will help you easily transition to building Xamarin apps. The underlying architecture of a Xamarin app is very different from a native app, and so are the technologies and tools available. This book will help teach you how to build apps using a cross-platform architecture and the tooling inside Visual Studio.

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