1 An introduction to Artificial Intelligence


This chapter covers

  • The history of Artificial Intelligence
  • What is Machine Learning and what it has to do with AI
  • Why AI applications are booming right now

This book is our attempt at solving a problem that affects many people aspiring to be change-makers in the AI era. They’ve been told that a magical black box called “Artificial Intelligence” is the silver bullet to every business problem, from marketing to healthcare. They’ve been reading news on the latest milestones reached by AI and feel that there’s nothing that this technology can’t do. Excited by the hyped news headlines, they likely started or planned to start some ambitious AI project within their organization, expecting smooth sailing and incredible results.

If you’re one of these people, we’re here to tell you what you probably haven’t heard yet. AI isn’t a silver bullet, and winning at it doesn’t come easy. Yet, armed with knowledge of your domain and a clear understanding of its principles, strengths and current limitations, you can be a leader in the AI era and drive change within your organization and your industry. The prize is huge: there’s still a free blue ocean of opportunities waiting for enlightened AI leaders to be seized. Tech companies are already making fortunes with AI, this book is our invitation for you to join the party.

1.1   Why this book, why now, why you

1.2   The path to modern AI

1.3   What is Artificial Intelligence after all?

1.4   Your roadmap to learn AI - how is this book structured

1.5   Summary