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In our experience as consultants and engineers, we helped both startups and large corporations kickstart their AI efforts. If you decided to invest in this book, chances are that you have much in common with the many bright people that we met during our workshops and trainings. The titles on your business cards say all sorts of things: entrepreneur, manager, salesman, researcher. But underneath, you all share a strong desire to drive your organizations into new territories, and you have decided that AI holds the greatest potential today. Often, you’re missing a clear roadmap for the first steps in bringing AI to your organization, and how to take it from there to successful projects.

We found that the other books on the market fell into two extremes: they were either too technical or too light on the principles that are needed to gain the confidence to be a leader. This book is meant to fill this gap. It will groom you into an AI evangelist: a fearless leader who understands what AI can do, its place in organizations, and can guide it towards the AI era.