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This book is divided into four parts. Part 1 gives an overview of Agile ALM and sets the stage for parts 2 through 4. Part 2 deals with the functional aspects of ALM, including functional release management and task-based development. Part 3 discusses integration management and releasing, and includes dependency management and technical releasing with Maven, productive development environments and tools, and additional recipes for continuous integration. Part 4 explains my view of outside-in development for barrier-free development and testing.

In addition, the book contains many examples. Chapter 1 gives pragmatic explanations and a field report from Siemens, where ALM is used. Subsequent chapters deliver details and numerous examples that implement the principles presented in the first chapter.


Here’s a more detailed outline of the material we will be exploring.

In part 1, I provide the basics of what Agile ALM is, including its benefits and features. I also talk about Agile in general. Chapter 1 sets the stage and gives you a feel for what Agile ALM is. Chapter 2 introduces Agile including the message of the Agile manifesto and how it relates to ALM, and discusses Agile strategies (such as continuous integration). All the other chapters discuss and implement the building blocks illustrated in chapters 1 and 2.

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