Chapter 2. Android’s development environment

This chapter covers

  • Introducing the Android SDK
  • Exploring the development environment
  • Building an Android application in Eclipse
  • Debugging applications in the Android emulator

Building upon the foundational information presented in the first chapter, we pick up the pace by introducing the Android development environment used to construct the applications in the balance of the book. If you haven’t installed the development tools, refer to appendix A for a step-by-step guide to downloading and installing the tools.

This chapter introduces the Android development tool chain, the software tools required to build Android applications, and serves as your hands-on guide to creating, testing, and even debugging applications. When you’ve completed this chapter, you’ll be familiar with using Eclipse and the Android Development Tools (ADT) plug-in for Eclipse, navigating the Android SDK, running Android applications in the emulator, and stepping line-by-line through a sample application that you’ll construct in this chapter: a simple tip calculator.

2.1. Introducing the Android SDK

2.2. Exploring the development environment

2.3. Building an Android application in Eclipse

2.4. Using the Android emulator

2.5. Debugging your application

2.6. Summary