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This book is organized into two parts. Part 1 discusses the Arduino in general and includes a tutorial that introduces you to your first project before looking at a couple of simple projects that use the Arduino inputs and outputs. Part 2 looks at the Arduino in more depth, and this is where we really start to put the Arduino to work with a number of advanced techniques that you can use in your own projects.

Code for the sketches covered in each chapter is available online via the book’s website: We suggest trying to follow along with the projects in the book as much as you can. Typing in the individual code listings will help to fix concepts and ideas into your mind.

This book is suitable for both beginners and intermediate Arduino users. It starts from a very basic level and assumes no prior knowledge, but we think even expert users will gain things from the second part of the book, which covers a wide variety of subjects, many of which can be combined into your own projects. A basic understanding of electronics will help with some project circuits, although we endeavor to explain them as much as we can.


Part 1 of the book discusses the Arduino in general.

Chapter 1 explains how to get started by setting up your development environment and a basic software and hardware toolbox. It shows you how to blink your first LED and walks you through the anatomy of an Arduino sketch.

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