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NW.js and Electron are desktop application frameworks powered by Node.js. They allow developers to create cross-platform desktop apps using HTML, CSS, and Java-Script. They offer web designers and developers a way to take their existing skills for crafting web apps and interfaces, and apply that to building desktop apps. The frameworks also support shipping apps for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux from the same codebase, meaning that developers can save time and energy when creating desktop apps that all OSs can use.

NW.js and Electron come from a shared history, and have some similar approaches to app features. This book covers both frameworks topic by topic, helping you to see what they have in common, and where they differ in their approaches. This will help you to decide which framework is best for your needs. We’ll cover a broad range of apps and features together, to spark your passion and interest, as well as provide ideas for things you might want to build but don’t know how.

I hope you enjoy the book, and that you get to make something great with it.

Who should read this book

Anyone who has experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can pick up this book and get to grips with it right away. Experience with Node.js is not a requirement, but experience will come in handy. If you’re completely new to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, then it would be best to get acquainted with those technologies before you begin to read this book.

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