Part 1. Ember.js fundamentals


Ember.js is a JavaScript MVC framework that helps you organize and structure the source code for large web applications. In comparison to other popular JavaScript application frameworks, it delivers a more complete MVC pattern, while also including features to help you build applications for the web of tomorrow. It’s also one of the more opinionated frameworks available, relying heavily on convention over configuration to help you structure your application.

Because of its large number of features coupled with the conventions that it expects from your application, Ember.js has a steep learning curve. Part 1 of this book, comprised of the first four chapters, eases you into the mindset of Ember.js application development, while ensuring that you build something useful right from the get-go.

The first two chapters focus on the core features that Ember.js brings to the table. Chapter 3 focuses on Ember Router, and chapter 4 focuses on the template library of choice for Ember.js developers: Handlebars.js.