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About this book

Writing real-world applications in a data-rich environment can feel like being caught in the cross fire of a paintball battle. Any action may require you to combine event streams, batch archives, and live user or system requests in real time. Unified log processing is a coherent data processing architecture designed to encompass batch and near-real-time stream data, event logging and aggregation, and data processing on the resulting unified event stream. By efficiently creating a single log of events from multiple data sources, unified log processing makes it possible to design large-scale data-driven applications that are easier to design, deploy, and maintain.

Who should read this book

This book is written for readers who have experience writing some Java code. Scala and Python experience may be helpful to understanding some concepts in the book but is not required.

How this book is organized: a roadmap

This book has 11 chapters divided into three parts.

Part 1 defines event streams and unified logs, providing a wide-ranging look:

About the code

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