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jQuery is the most widely used JavaScript library on the web, offering many abilities that make web development much easier. But it concentrates on providing features that are widely applicable and widely used, and can’t do everything that you might want. You could code your extra requirements inline for each web page, but if you find yourself repeating code across several pages it may be time to create a plugin for jQuery instead.

A plugin lets you package your code in a single reusable module that can then be easily applied to any number of web pages. You benefit by having a single code base, with reduced testing and maintenance costs, and a consistent appearance and behavior throughout your website.

jQuery has been designed to accommodate these plugins, allowing them to become first-class members of the jQuery environment and to be used alongside the built-in functionality. This book explains how you can use best practice principles to produce a jQuery plugin that integrates with jQuery without interfering with other plugins and that provides a flexible and robust solution.

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