1 The world of churn


What is churn? Why do we fight it? And how can data help? In short, why are you reading this book? If you are reading this book, you are probably

  • A data analyst, data scientist, or machine learning engineer
  • Working for an organization that offers a product or service with repeat customers or users

Or maybe you are studying to get one of those jobs or filling such a role even though it’s not your job.

Such services are often sold by subscription, but your organization does not need to sell subscriptions in order to take advantage of this book. All you need is a product with repeat customers or users and a desire to keep them coming back. This book teaches a lot of techniques related to subscriptions, but in every case, I show how the same concepts apply to retail and other nonsubscription scenarios.

1.1 Why you are reading this book

1.1.1 The typical churn scenario

1.1.2 What this book is about

1.2 Fighting churn

1.2.1 Interventions that reduce churn

1.2.2 Why churn is hard to fight

1.2.3 Great customer metrics: Weapons in the fight against churn

1.3 Why this book is different

1.3.1 Practical and in-depth

1.3.2 Simulated case study

1.4 Products with recurring user interactions

1.4.1 Paid consumer products

1.4.2 Business-to-business services

1.4.3 Ad-supported media and apps

1.4.4 Consumer feed subscriptions

1.4.5 Freemium business models

1.4.6 In-app purchase models

1.5 Nonsubscription churn scenarios

1.5.1 Inactivity as churn

1.5.2 Free trial conversion

1.5.3 Upsell/down sell

1.5.4 Other yes/no (binary) customer predictions