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Customer churn and engagement are life or death issues for every company that offers an online product or service. Coinciding with the wide adoption of data science and analytics, it has become standard practice for programming and data professionals to get called in to help make sense of whatever data is available in the effort to reduce churn. But analyzing churn has many challenges and pitfalls not common to other types of data analysis, and until now there has not been a good guidebook to help.

This book was written to enable anyone with a little background in coding and data to make a game-changing analysis of customer churn for an online product or service. And if you are advanced in programming and data analysis already, then the book contains tips and tricks for churn and customer engagement that you won’t find anywhere else. But unfortunately introducing programming and data analysis and teaching churn fighting techniques would be too much for one book. So we expect you have already been using SQL and a little python for data analysis before you start reading.




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