Part 2. iPhone applications: step by step


This part of the book will teach you how to use the various features of the iPhone in real applications. In each chapter, you’ll learn first how a feature works and then how to use it. Each application includes the full source code and is available on the App Store for you to try. When you’re finished with this part, you’ll have seen all of the code for the following:

  • A simple game that uses touch and animations
  • An application that uses multitouch and the camera and accesses your photos
  • An application that has a database, uses table views, and accesses contacts and the calendar
  • An application that uses locations and maps

In chapter 4, you’ll start with a few drawings of a simple FlashCards game, learn how to identify its views, and draw them in Interface Builder. Then, you’ll implement the models and controllers that make the game work. In chapter 5, you’ll add some polish to the app with icons and startup images. You’ll learn how to make custom buttons that stretch, and you’ll use animation to make the app come alive. In chapter 6, you’ll finish the FlashCards app by adding Core Data to store results and view them later in navigation and table views.